Nimbusfire Africa & Nimbusfeuer International saw the need to promote two products in Africa - Rapid Intervention Vehicles and a water-efficient atomizing system. It was obvious to the directors and the board that there was a need for better efficient water technologies for firefighting in this country.

The conventional systems in use were, in our opinion, not sustainable as they require large amounts of water which is not always readily available. Most of the fire engines were seen to be too large to access many fire incidents, especially in informal settlements.

The directors felt it was time to bring new and sustainable technology for firefighting to Kenya and Africa.

Nimbusfire Africa & Nimbusfeuer International are now active stakeholders of the NDMU formed in October 2013 on the command of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

It is our aim to assist all the Counties, Real Estate sector, and Educational departments by promoting disaster management and sensitization through schools and colleges giving the young people of Kenya a better knowledge of fire awareness and preparedness as this is where it all begins.

Nimbusfire Africa & Nimbusfeuer International will be an active member throughout Kenya with the Nimbusfire RIV (Rapid Intervention Vehicles) fighting fires and demonstrating the efficiency of water misting over conventional firefighting techniques.

Nimbusfire Africa would also like to introduce effective sprinkler systems in schools with more than one story above the ground floor. We have in the last few weeks observed children jumping from windows having injuries and possible death. This also will eliminate tampering of equipment by pupils and will safeguard the properties.