Who We Are

To be a leading player in the provision of new technologies and competencies in fire and disaster management

To work closely with government and industry in making the country a safer place for all, through helping improve capacities and competencies to save lives and property.

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What We Do

Nimbus Fire Africa brings on board global standards and competencies in fire safety sector

Our prime task is to assist all the Counties, Real Estate sector, and Educational departments by promoting disaster management and sensitization through schools and colleges giving the young people of Kenya a better knowledge of fire awareness and preparedness as this is where it all begins.

With our highly qualified and versatile expertise, as well as state of the art fire fighting methodologies, we believe we can deliver timely services.

An illustration of the NimbusFire fighting fires and demonstrating the efficiency of water misting over conventional firefighting techniques, as well as other approaches.

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NimbusFire Africa is your ONE STOP solution for fire safety and security systems.

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24/7 Customer Support

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We provide world-class solutions in fire safety and security systems.