Abdul-Aziz Kero

The Managing Director

A seasoned executive with a broad and deep understanding of Government and Industry with strong governance skills as MD, a board chair, and company director for private sector organizations.
Mr. Kero has extensive leadership market experience both in government and Private tendering processes.
His practical experience is backed by more than 25 years of experience in business tendering, governance, and emergency management disciplines; including developing teams and organizations to improve resilience through preparedness, response, and action.

Michael Patrick Chant

Director, Property Risk Management & Fire Fighter

Mike Chant is currently in his 9th year in Kenya supporting the country and her people in protection against fire and importing the latest technology firefighting systems which have seen many companies like Kenya Wine; fighting more than 5 fires that would otherwise have destroyed millions of shillings in properties as well as losing lives.
Mr. Chant is a stakeholder with the National Disaster Management Unit in the National police service in Kenya, for now, more than 8 years which has afforded him good experience in dealing with fires like in Gikomba. It’s this harsh experience that has afforded him the status in the NDMU.
In the UK, Mr. Chant worked for the Ministry Of Defense at RAF Chilmark in Wilshire as a fireman grade 1, gained leading Fireman status, and Passed B A course and training.
Mr. Chant has partnered with Mr. Kero to help the Kenyan people through increasing community safety by minimizing the effect of hazardous and emergency situations within Kenya, the environment and the economy by using the latest fire misting – atomizing technologies including designing rapid intervention vehicles

John Muranda

Director, Marketing 
John M. Muranda: Has studied Enterprise Management in the United States International University, Kenya and he is a holder of a Higher Diploma (Top Award) for Admin & PR – UK.
2005 Manager of Recreation and Promotions for The Village Market Shopping Mall, Kenya.
2010 Marketing Consultant for China Information & Cultural Centre in Kenya, China and Dubai,
2013 Appointed Director, Eastern Africa for Mango Strategic Solutions AB; a Swedish firm and was responsible for PR and Communications in the revitalization UCB - Bank Project in Kenya.
2015 Appointed Board Member for Afrosayari Ltd responsible for Marketing and Brand management.
Mr. Muranda Brings on board a wealth of experience dealing with the corporate world, and he has facilitated the Nimbusfire Africa corporate accounts like Kenya Wine, Techno Tank, and Tenwik Hospital which has seen them upgrading their fire department with the latest misting technology.
He is also The Marketing Director in charge of Strategy in NimbusFeuer International ltd.

Cyril Owambo

Director, Strategy
Cyril has vast knowledge and experience in Strategic management.
He makes it clear to clients that by mitigating risks in advance, organizations save lives and property.
Fire risk management is no exception: prevention is key. Fortunately, there are many strategies an organization can put in place to help prevent fires, and one of them he strongly recommends clients invest in Sprinkler systems for multi-floor schools and colleges, RIVs ( Rapid Intervention Vehicles) for better response on matters fire combined with Misting and Sanitization for covid19