Fire Alarm Systems

Nimbusfire Africa provide a comprehensive fire alarm system service, including maintenance, additions, and installation with professional solutions at affordable prices. Whether you require a basic conventional fire alarm system, a wireless addressable radiofrequency system a full computer programmable analog addressable system or you just need to add to an existing system, our designers and installation engineers can assist you.
We supply an extensive range of fire alarm equipment including detectors, fire alarm panels, sounders, strobes, and call points ensuring you receive a comprehensive system that offers complete protection. We help you maintain your premises, so staff are well protected and your company fulfills its responsibilities by complying with the latest fire safety regulations.
We provide a full range of servicing options for existing systems covering weekly checks, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual tests.


Conventional Fire Alarms

A conventional fire alarm system will use fire detection zones (wired back to the main control panel). Each zone will identify a particular area of the building in order to identify the location of a fire. Each zone can consist of various devices, including automatic smoke/heat detectors, manual call points, sounders, and strobes. In the event of a fire being detected either automatically or manually, the system control
panel will then operate the alarm.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable fire alarm systems are more advanced than conventional systems and offer a larger scope of programming flexibility, with each device in the system having its own individual address and specific location. Fire alarm relays can be used to control a wide range of building functions such as:

  • Switching fans on or off
  • Activating fire suppression systems
  • Activating another fire alarm panel or communicator
  • Closing/opening doors
  • Shutting down industrial equipment
  • Recalling elevators to a safe exit floor
  • Addressable systems are ideally suited to larger or more complex installations.
Radio/Wireless Fire Alarm Systems
Radio or wireless fire alarm systems as they are also known, operate on a similar level to addressable systems, but without the need for the installation of cables. Devices use radio signals to communicate between the control panels with each device having its own individual address and specific location.
These systems require simpler installation compared to conventional and addressable systems, requiring only limited cabling and can be programmed off-site, reducing labour time on site. The lack of cables also means that there is minimal damage to the fabric of the building.