Fire Hydrant Systems

Nimbusfire Africa is a prominent service provider for Fire Hydrant System Installation & Maintenance Services in Kenya. We are backed by a team of professionals who hold expertise for both water-based and foam based fire hydrant systems. In addition, we test Fire Hydrant Systems on quality parameters, prior to installation. Clients can approach us for cost-effective and timely solutions.
Though water has been the principal extinguishing agent, foam and deluge valves are also being used. The pump house becomes the heart of the hydrant system especially when it is designed after complete hydraulic calculations, taking into account the flow, velocity, head, and pumping capacity with the corresponding reservoir, to extinguish the hazard and also provide abundant precaution.


Why Choose Us

  • For major fires this is most useful system to control and extinguish since the availability of water and pressure at the base of fire.
  • As the hydrant ring outside building is underground, there is no hindrance for vehicles.
  • The other systems such as water spray, sprinkler, foam system can be tapped from this system